Wednesday, September 3, 2014

With Official Brisbane Lions Merchandise Encourage Your Children to Get Into the Footy

Are you a die-hard AFL fan that wants the whole family to get involved? Have a small child that loves to watch the games with you? Then why not get the newest AFL fan all of the gear they need to start enjoying AFL to the fullest. With a wide range of Brisbane Lions merchandise aimed directly at small children, you can enjoy each home game in style and show your support with the youngsters of the family!
brisbane lions

The range of AFL merchandise for kids is surprisingly just as large as that available for adults –with a few extra additions! Why not get your little one a baby jumpsuit with your favourite teams’ badge emblazoned on it? Think that’s a little too much? Then why not opt for other Brisbane Lions merchandise such as a toddler’s hoodie, team mascot tee or a baby beanie hat.

Start Them Early, Get Them for Life!

Romper suits are available for the smallest of fans, along with scarfs, replica shirts and Guernsey’s to fit the whole family, no matter how big or small they may be. For those looking for an authentic look, you can find an entire replica look that has all of the hallmarks that makes the seniors kit so impressive.

Baby Scarf and Beanie

You can dress your little angel in official Lions socks, which come with a special non-slip sole to ensure when your baby takes their first steps they will be in full Lions regalia. The shorts and team Guernsey will go perfectly to finish the look.


Merchandise for Every Occasion!

With so much more AFL merchandise to choose from for your toddler, you will have a great time dressing your little one up in all of your teams gear. There is merchandise for every occasion, dinner time? No problem, just slip junior into a Brisbane Lions bib for them to enjoy their meal before the big game. It’s important to encourage young kids to get involved with sport and be passionate. Not only is it good for their health, but it’s great to have active interests from a young age.

Brisbane Lions Baby Toddlers

Starting off soon to be a die-hard Brisbane Lions fan is a sure fire way to continue the tradition in your household. Ensuring the spirit stays strong is an important aspect of any fanatic, so starting them early may see you wearing their shirt when they are playing for the team you love.

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