Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Sport in Australia

Australians are known around the globe for being nuts about sport. While we have a relatively small population compared to other countries, we produce some of the best sportsman and athletes in the world and continually perform well in the Olympic Games and other sporting events. Our attendance numbers for sport are also sky-high. For instance, the average attendance for an AFL game in 2012 is the fourth highest of any sporting event ever. We also host some of the most prestigious events on the sporting calendar including the Australian Open for tennis and Grand Prix in Melbourne.

So what’s the reason for this? Well, for one thing, we put a lot of money into our sporting programs and have institutions in place that look to develop young sportsmen and women. The other reason is that sport is a part of the Australian culture and identity. The media reflects our passion for sport with the anti-siphoning laws, which allow free-to-air channels to cover major sporting events, meaning that the majority of people in Australia are able to view them. The success of sporting programs is not only a testament to the Australian culture of sport, but may also contribute to it.

The AFL is Australia’s national game, and as you’d expect, the nation’s passion for sport is no better illustrated than by its footy fans. And what better way to demonstrate your passion for the sport than to show your team colours next time you watch them play? It’s almost a prerequisite for all footy fans - and fans of any sport really - that they represent their club by getting the right gear.

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Everyone knows that die-hard fans will always support their team come rain, hail or shine. Whether it be cheering louder than the opponents’ fans or by looking a million bucks in the freshest gear from an AFL store, Australians know how to get behind a sporting team. It’s a part of our culture for crying out loud! For those colder nights and days, you’ll need to rug up with a scarf, beanie and jacket in your team’s colours. If it’s a little warmer, you can order a cap or an official playing top with any number on the back.

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