Sunday, October 20, 2013

How to Deal With AFL Offseason Blues

We had a great AFL season this year. It had just about everything you could ask for - new stars emerging, young teams coming of age, controversy and best of all a highly thrilling and competitive finals series. The Grand Final was as exciting as ever; we watched Fremantle craw their way back against all odds only to fall short to the mighty Hawks. No doubt most of Australia was on the edge of their seats on that September day and we certainly got a deserving winner.

Sadly, all good things must come to an end and now we all have to wait a good few months before we get back into the action again. If you’re as mad about AFL as we are, the wait can feel a lot longer than that and it can be a very difficult time. We don’t take offseason blues lightly here at Spectator Sports Online, and we’ve seen some very serious cases over the years. It’s especially painful if the end of the season has left a sour taste in your mouth as a footy fan. If you’re going through rough times this summer yearning for your footy fix, just remember that we’re feeling the pain with you.

Here’s how the Spectator Sports Online team handles those offseason blues:

   1. Keep an Eye on Offseason Transactions

We’ve already seen some HUGE personnel changes this offseason. Lance Franklin is headed over to GWS in perhaps one of the biggest deals in AFL history, and Daisy Thomas is making the move to join Mick Malthouse over at Carlton, who seem to love poaching Collingwood people! Meanwhile, Heath Shaw is packing his bags for GWS and big man Ben McEvoy is headed to Hawthorn. Plus, there’s plenty of rumours flying around to keep you in the loop and excited for your teams future prospects!

  2.  Watch Old Tape

This is where having Fox Footy is brilliant. They play footy replays all year round so you can relive the great moments from seasons past. Watch the legends of old battle it out and get yourself amped up for the 2014 season.

  3. Follow Other Sports

Let’s face facts - AFL footy is the best game on Earth and nothing really comes close. But there is plenty of great sporting action over the summer with the basketball (both the NBA and NBL) on the telly, American Football and of course the cricket, which is also great to throw on a warm summer’s day. While they might not completely cure you of this awful affliction, they’ll certainly numb the pain.

   4. Plan a Trip

Footballers always head off on footy trip after the season’s end, and there’s a good reason for this. A summer’s vacation can really take the bite out of any end-of-season blues you might be experiencing as a supporter and it gives you a chance to reflect and regroup after the footy year is over.

  5.  Stock Up on Footy Gear

Last but not least, you can always grab some club merchandise to make you feel closer to footy. This is something we can help you and it’s a sure fire way to beat the blues once and for all. We’ve got all sorts of gift items, playing gear and more - all authentic and at the best prices you’ll find online.

We hope you all get through the off season without too much drama. Good luck!