Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The funniest things we’ve seen on the footy field

Watching footy can bring up just about every kind of emotion imaginable. A single game can cause sheer joy, heartbreak, nerves, anger and relief all within a half an hour! But something that’s a bit rarer on the field is humour. While we all appreciate the lighter side of the game off field and in the media, it’s not every day you see a genuinely funny thing happening when you’re watching an intense game of footy. That’s what makes them so enjoyable! Here we count down some of the more memorable hilarious moments you might remember.

1.Corey Enright running around in his jocks

This is truly one of the classic moments in recent times and has simply got to be at the top of the list. In a relatively one-sided matchup against the Brisbane Lions, Corey Enright side stepped a tackle on the forward flank, but the defender did manage to rip of his shorts before he got the kick away. This is something that happens from time to time, but what happened next was a bit out of the ordinary. There was no break in the play so Enright had to man his position or risk giving a kick or even a goal away to his opponent. When the ball came back into Geelong’s backline, the Cats regained possession and Enright received a handball before getting a kick in his jocks! Unfortunately it resulted in a turnover but the kick still brought a smile to the face of coach Bomber Thompson.

2. Umpire marking the ball
Peter Carey umpired 307 matches at the senior VFL/AFL level, including 4 grand finals. But the game we’ll always remember him for was played between Fremantle and St Kilda at Subiaco in 1997. The then-veteran ump marked a kick from Adrian Fletcher on his chest, before promptly blowing the whistle and calling a ball up. Most put this down to a moment of confusion for Carey, a mental blank where he acted impulsively. Some might even say it shows that he wished he could be playing at the professional level! We can’t even imagine what the consequences would be from the AFL today, but at the time it was more or less laughed off. Although Carey went on to umpire just 8 more senior matches.

3. Mcnarmara going the wrong way 

This is a classic funny moment that can happen in just about every ball sport. We’ve seen it in basketball, soccer and many times in AFL. Jamie McNamara’s time came in 2009. Against the Cats, the West Coast youngster broke through getting a clearance out of a throw in on the wing, before taking off at lightning speed towards the Geelong goal. He even managed to get a kick away before pulling it (obviously realising what he’d done). This resulted in the kick more or less directly going to an opponent in the forward line and resulted in a goal for them. No doubt McNamara got a spray from his coach.

4. Cale Morton picking a fight

There’s plenty of players in the AFL that you might not describe as big and burly, you’ve got to admire a player that can stand his ground and defend his teammates regardless of his size. Melbourne’s Cale Morton however, may have got a bit ahead of himself when he picked a fight with Port Adelaide big man Brendan Lade. Lade tackled Morton as he got a handball off and gave him a shove for good measure, so Morton pushed him right back. Lade then gave chase and Morton was off the races – really it looked like a scene from a school playground more than an AFL football match, but we can’t say we haven’t thoroughly enjoyed it!

There are many other funny moments that have happened on field. Any you can think of?

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Premiership merchandise – the perfect gift for a Hawks fan this Christmas!

So the AFL season is well and truly over, but that doesn’t mean it’s time to forget about your favourite team!  Christmas is the perfect excuse to come to Spectator Sports Online and order your official premiership gear.
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If you’re struggling for gift ideas (let’s face it, most of us are) chances are you’re going to be able to find something suitable for your friend or family member on our website. Not to generalise, but Australian men are simple enough people – we like sports, beer and girls – so anything to do with that and you can’t go wrong!
Hawthorn Hawks 
If you’ve got a Hawthorn fan on your hands, you’re in luck. Yes the Hawks are a mighty club and they’ll probably be in the mix for the premiership again this coming season, but you never know – it could be years until Hawthorn bring home the bacon again! Any self respecting supporter knows that getting your hands on that gear that shows you were there when they went all the way is a must. So spoil your loved one without spending an arm and a leg. Check out these official premiership items:


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We’ve got indoor and outdoor footballs in the Hawks colours. I can tell you from experience there’s nothing more fun than an indoor game of footy – just be sure not to break anything! Otherwise, why not kick your new footy outside with a few family members after Christmas lunch?

Hawthorn Hawks Tedy bears 
Teddy Bears

We thought our Teddy’s deserved their own section because they’re just so awesome. Grab an official Hawks premiership Ralphy bear – the perfect gift for a Hawks supporter of any age, male or female!

Other gear 
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Spectator Sports Online stocks Hawks premiership gear ranging in price, so if your budget only allows you to splash out a little, we’ve got you looked after. Check out our stubby holders, bumper stickers, magnets, badges and more, all in that fabulous brown and gold. 

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